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Distillation tower

Description:Snapshot measurements on 27 variables from a distillation column; measured over 2.5 years.
Data source:From an industrial source; variable names have been coded. e.g. Temp1 is a temperature, but we cannot disclose where it is measured on the column.

  • Temperatures are in Fahrenheit
  • Pressures are measured in bars
  • FlowC1 in units of MSCFD
  • FlowC3 and FlowC4 are in units of MBPD
  • Temp11 = Temp3 - Temp9 = the temperature increase of the stream leaving the column and returning back, after passing through the reboiler
  • InvTemp tags are 1000/temperature, therefore with units of inverted Fahrenheit
  • The last column, VapourPressure, is a quality variable measured in the laboratory. The other snapshot measurements in the row correspond to the process conditions when the sample was taken.

  • Data shape:253 rows and 27 columns
    Usage restrictions:None
    Contact person:Kevin Dunn
    Added here on:12 January 2011 13:18
    Last updated:04 May 2020 4:31


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    multivariate outliers regression
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