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Food texture

Description:Texture measurements of a pastry-type food.
Data source:
  1. Oil: percentage oil in the pastry
  2. Density: the product’s density (the higher the number, the more dense the product)
  3. Crispy: a crispiness measurement, on a scale from 7 to 15, with 15 being more crispy.
  4. Fracture: the angle, in degrees, through which the pasty can be slowly bent before it fractures.
  5. Hardness: a sharp point is used to measure the amount of force required before breakage occurs.

Simulated data, but has the characteristics from an industrial problem.

Data shape:50 rows and 5 columns
Usage restrictions:None
Contact person:Kevin Dunn
Added here on:09 January 2011 9:46
Last updated:11 November 2018 16:33


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