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Raw material outcome

Description:Six characterizing measurements for batches of plastic pellets; the outcome when using this material, either Poor or Adequate, is also provided.
Data source:Simulated data, made to match an actual problem. Some variable names are coded for confidentiality.
  • Lot number: unique identifier used by the company
  • Outcome: categorical variable, either Poor or Adequate
  • Size5: percentage material in a size range (coded)
  • Size10: percentage material in a size range (coded)
  • Size15: percentage material in a size range (coded)
  • TGA: a measurement from a TGA device
  • DSC: measurement from a DSC device
  • TMA: a measurement from a TMA device
Data shape:24 rows and 7 columns
Usage restrictions:None
Contact person:Kevin Dunn
Added here on:12 January 2011 13:48
Last updated:11 November 2018 16:36


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multivariate categorical regression
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