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Brittleness indexA plastic product is produced in three parallel reactors (TK104, TK105, or TK107). For each row in the dataset, we have the same batch of raw material that was split, and fed to the 3 reactors. These values are the brittleness index for the product produced in the reactor.153multivariatemissing-datapaired
Class gradesGrades from a Chemical Engineering course at McMaster University.996multivariatemissing-dataregression
Food consumptionThe relative consumption of certain food items in European and Scandinavian countries. The numbers represent the percentage of the population consuming that food type.1620multivariatemissing-data
Kamyr digesterPulp quality is measured by the lignin content remaining in the pulp: the Kappa number. This data set is used to understand which variables in the process influence the Kappa number, and if it can be predicted accurately enough for an inferential sensor application.30122multivariatemissing-datatime-series
Raw material propertiesMeasured characteristics of several batches (lots) of plastic pellets.366multivariatemissing-data
Travel timesA driver uses an app to track GPS coordinates as he drives to work and back each day. The app collects the location and elevation data. Data for about 200 trips are summarized in this data set.20513multivariatemissing-data
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