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Data for time series applications
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Electricity usageNumber of kilowatt-hours used in a residential home over a 3.5 month period, 25 November 2011 to 17 March 2012.27125univariatetime-series
Flotation cellData from a zinc-lead flotation cell measured on 5 variables; recorded from the PLCs.29225multivariatetime-series
Gas furnaceThe gas furnace data set from Box and Jenkins' book on Time Series Analysis (series J). Contains the gas rate and the percentage CO2 in the gas.2962time-series
Kamyr digesterPulp quality is measured by the lignin content remaining in the pulp: the Kappa number. This data set is used to understand which variables in the process influence the Kappa number, and if it can be predicted accurately enough for an inferential sensor application.30122multivariatemissing-datatime-series
Paper basis weightThe dry basis weight of paper is a measure of its density. These measurements are from an online scanning gauge, taken 30 seconds apart at a large paper manufacturer.2311univariatemonitoringtime-series
Raw material height in a containerThe height of plastic pellets in a tall narrow container, measured over a period of 3 months.842univariatetime-series
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