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Data sets useful for process monitoring
Name Description Rows Columns Tags
Aeration rateThe total airflow added to an aeration tank, in litres, during a 1 minute period.5731univariatemonitoring
Certificates of analysisFour properties of an important powder raw material were transcribed from the supplier's certificates of analysis.1225multivariatemonitoring
Kappa numberThe Kappa number from a pulp mill.44621univariatemonitoring
LDPEData from a low-density polyethylene production process. There are 14 process variables and 5 quality variables (last 5 columns).5419multivariateoutliersmonitoring
Paper basis weightThe dry basis weight of paper is a measure of its density. These measurements are from an online scanning gauge, taken 30 seconds apart at a large paper manufacturer.2311univariatemonitoringtime-series
Rubber colourThe colour of a rubber product; this example is to demonstrate how to build a monitoring chart.1001univariatemonitoring
Website trafficThe number of visits to a small website on each day; if a user accesses the site after 30 minutes of inactivity, that will be logged as a new visit.2144monitoring
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